Managing Production and Product Development with Microsoft Project Online

Current Landscape:

Manufacturing has emerged as one of the high growth sectors in India. India is an attractive hub for foreign investments in the manufacturing sector. Several mobile phone, luxury and automobile brands, among others, have set up or are looking to establish their manufacturing bases in the country.

While organisations are interested in getting the best out of the resources, there is a lot of investment towards IOT and Industry 4.0. Manufacturing sector has increased its apatite to invest in Research and Development.

To cope with the current customer demand manufacturers are investing in their own R&D teams and are forced to Collaborate with other tech companies and Universities.

All these coupled with managing Vendors require a robust mechanism which can gather information at all levels for organisation that helps the organisation to Efficiently Plan, Track, Manage and take Informed Decisions.

Business challenges and solution benefits:

Different teams use different Enterprise software which suits their processes. To collate information across the organisation is a herculean task and by the time information reaches the decision maker the consumer has already moved on to a new product.

Challenges Benefits
Inefficient collaboration and analysis capabilities in research and in production processes delay the decision-making and hinder productivity. Improved Collaboration and better insights. With Project Online, Teams and O365 collaboration experience the communication, approvals and other business processes are automated. Resulting less time wasted in the business processes thus reducing the time taken for a product to get to mass production thus realising high return on investments.
Poor monitoring capabilities and disconnected data prevent manufacturers from reducing the cost and remaining competitive. Reach operational excellence. Leveraging the ability of Project Online to generate and aggregate Realtime data from multiple data centres, and using Flows and O365 you gain better control over the processes which helps reduce down time and helps the product being competitive by reducing costs.
Lack of insights into potential product deficiencies that should invoke design changes.

Gain enhanced visibility and insights into products, process, services, company performance, and customer satisfaction.

Improve decision making by extracting data across the business and generating role-specific reports. Determine weaknesses, usage issues, or service tech knowledge gaps. Offer visibility into parts availability, even across borders.

Products and Services:

Products required for this enterprise-grade solution for Managing Production and Product Development include, but are not limited to, Microsoft Project Online, Power BI, Office 365, Microsoft Share Point Online, Microsoft Flows and Microsoft Teams.